Our poll in February asked: Which design feature turns your head the most? The top answer was minimalism. Here are other designs that readers love.

It is no surprise that at 33 percent of votes, the #1 package design that turns readers’ heads is a minimalist design. The hot trend has really popped over the last couple of years. Check out a beverage bottle and personal care package here.

The next head-turning design style was bold and colorful graphics, textures and patterns. A total 180 from the top choice. Though it also may depend on which packaging segment it is in. I, for one, don’t care to see household cleaners with busy graphics and patterns. For candy or cosmetic products, bring it on. Here are two recent bold and beautiful designs: one on sleek-style cans and another on a private-label candy line.

Transparency came in 3rd with 19 percent responding and common products with unique packaging design came in fourth with 18 percent. I’m a little surprised about this, as most consumers see this as one of the top requirements in packaging. Here is a fruit brand design and a new yogurt PET jar that shows the product as well as gives pertinent info on front of pack.

Last but not least is digital printing with just 6 percent of reader votes. It may be last on the list for the poll, but digital printing on packaging is growing – and we will see more of it in the near future.

Here is Titsey Brewing Company’s Innes Lager can that just won the AWA sleeve label award, with a digitally printed sleeve by Berkshire Labels Ltd.

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