Danone partnered with global packaging company Amcor Rigid Plastics (amcor.com) for a yogurt premium-looking packaging that is durable and increasingly sustainable. 

The new attractive packaging for its new all-natural spoonable yogurt is sold in Argentina. The transparent 200-ml polyethylene terephthalate (PET) jar with a wide-mouth opening and an aluminum-PET-aluminium closure with a 65mm over cap in clear polypropylene (PP) was developed in collaboration with Amcor.

“This wide-mouth PET jar is an entirely new format offering for cold-fill dairy products,” said Martin Darmandrail, new business development director for Amcor in Argentina. “In a market historically dominated by thermoformed PP and polystyrene containers, we’ve shaken things up with a yogurt package with the durability, freshness, performance, manufacturing and sustainability benefits of PET.”

The new PET jar supports the 100 percent natural positioning of Danone’s La Serenísima’s yogurt with featured engraving, a finely finished base and a body-wrap label. To protect the contents, the jar includes a 55-mm finish with aluminum-PET-aluminum-foil barrier seal and an ultraviolet blocker.

With consumers increasingly eager to see products before they buy, the transparent packaging allows consumers to see the product.