Leading Australasian drinks company Frucor Suntory is responding to a consumer shift away from carbonated soft drinks by developing a new range of premium fruit-infused water. Called True Water, it’s designed by drinks specialist design agency Denomination (denomination.design).

True Water will launch with two fruit-infused waters, raspberry and lime. True Water is made with real fruit extracts, contains no artificial sugar or sweeteners and uses pure, locally sourced Australian spring water.

Denomination developed a clean and crisp identity to communicate the brands’ ‘good for you’ healthy image while differentiating it from competitor mainstream water brands. Inspired by the simple and fresh taste, clear glass and a clear shrink sleeve with minimal graphics showcase the purity of the water and communicate that the fruit infusions don’t add an overtly sweet taste or detract from the health benefits of the water itself.

Photographic images of real fruit were applied to the shrink sleeve at the neck of the bottles to give product clarity and look as though the fruit is floating in the water. The logo includes a drop of water, which changes color depending on which fruit extract is used, helping to distinguish flavors while maintaining consistency.

Denomination opted for a Boston-shaped glass bottle to differentiate the brand from competitors and communicate the product’s premium quality. The bottle design encourages consumers to keep and refill as well as recycle.