To deliver new beverage options to consumers seeking healthier alternatives, Danone Waters Brazil has partnered with Crown Holdings Inc. on its newest brand, 4U by Danone. The 4U line features two carbonated juices and two flavored teas, all made with 100 percent natural ingredients. Two different sizes of sleek style cans from Crown, along with special ink finishes and colorful imagery, offer vibrant, eye-catching package designs that reflect the healthy, fresh blends of the beverages.

The launch of the 4U line brings four new flavorful beverage options to the market. Danone’s carbonated juice, developed under the sub-brand True 4U, is available in White Grape and Citrus and packed in 269 ml (9.1 oz.) sleek style beverage cans. Tea 4U features two flavors, Black Tea – Hibiscus and Berry and Lemon Grass and Citrus, and is available in 310 ml (10.5 oz.) sleek style cans. All four beverages are completely natural, containing no preservatives or artificial coloring.

Danone chose the beverage can for its durability, recyclability and decorative options. The format’s premium appeal, portability and increasing popularity in the Brazilian market were also important factors. Danone collaborated with Crown due to the Company’s reputation for sustainable products and practices and its close relationships with partners. 

For added shelf appeal, Crown used two distinct sizes of its sleek style cans. The cans’ graphics feature bright colors to convey the bold flavors and fresh ingredients of the natural beverages. An all-over matte finish has been applied to the Tea 4U cans, creating a tactile experience for consumers.