Sealed Air( launches the expansion of the Cryovac Multi-Seal FoldLOK reclosable packaging line to accommodate center-store products. Previously suited for pegboard display of shredded cheese products, the expansion of the Multi-Seal FoldLOK package features a gusseted bottom, allowing for stand-up display of a variety of products including snack foods such as nuts, candies and dried fruit, as well as pet treats.

 “Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand has offered innovative packaging solutions to the protein and dairy markets for decades,” says Kari Dawson-Ekeland, marketing director for Sealed Air’s Cryovac adjacent markets. “With the extension of the Multi-Seal FoldLOK reclosable package to new product markets, we are continuing to develop innovative packaging solutions that add value to a variety of food products. Reclosable packaging for products such as snack foods and pet treats can be particularly convenient for consumers, as it allows for easier portioning and portability.”

The Multi-Seal FoldLOK package utilizes advanced adhesive technology so consumers can open and reclose the package multiple times without needing to completely remove the top or use zippers. The absence of zippers leads to easier pouring, a simpler closing process for young and elderly consumers and a greater reduction in materials over current reclosable packaging. To open the Multi-SealFoldLOK package, consumers completely peel off a perforated strip, revealing the opening across the top of the package. When the consumer is ready to store the remaining product, they simply fold the top of the bag over the strip and the materials stick together to seal the package.