Toray Plastics (America), Inc. (, introduces to packagers and converters new Torayfan® KMS1 70-gauge biaxially-oriented heat-sealable matte polypropylene film designed to be used as an outer web in food packaging applications requiring a premium appearance. Technologically advanced KMS1 film offers an industry-leading low seal-initiation temperature (SIT) for lap seals-20 degrees lower than what typical sealable matte films offer-and a broad heat-seal range, which enables faster processing on high-speed form-fill-seal equipment.

In addition, new Torayfan KMS1 film has a low-gloss surface with excellent haze and a print adhesion layer on which the water- and solvent-based inks commonly used on rotogravure and flexographic presses print beautifully. That combination of optical properties and printabilty makes KMS1 especially well suited to the manufacture of finished packages that have the kind of distinctive, eye-catching, high-end matte aesthetic that appeals to brand managers and consumers. End users and converters will also appreciate KMS1 film’s low coefficient of friction (CoF) and excellent ability to bond during the manufacture of adhesive and extrusion laminations. The low CoF, along with the reliable bonding and printing, also contribute to faster, more efficient processing and package manufacturing. Applications for the new KMS1 film include salty snacks, baked goods, crackers, cookies, and confectionery items.

“KMS1’s low SIT marks a significant development for premium snack food manufacturers,” says Franco Chicarella, Product Manager, Torayfan Polypropylene Film Division, Toray Plastics (America), Inc. “The ability to increase line speed and seal with less heat transfer allows end users to increase output. The matte aesthetic is also a big plus to brand managers who want to attract a discerning customer.”