Sealed Air ( is once again extending freshness and product quality with its Cryovac® brand, this time by incorporating oxygen scavenging solutions into a new rollstock format for vertical pouch packaging (VPP). Ideal for foodservice operations, Cryovac Freshness Plus® for VPP extends freshness for oxygen-sensitive items such as tomatoes, avocados, fruit pulps and exotic fruit purees.

While most films only contain a passive oxygen barrier, Freshness Plus for VPP is an active barrier oxygen scavenging film that removes any oxygen that migrates from the inside or outside of the packaging. The utilization of polymer film versus metalized polyester ensures there are no flex cracks, keeping oxygen from degrading the product. Blocking oxygen from the product results in maximized product flavor, color retention, longer production runs and better inventory control for foodservice operations.

 “The technology behind Freshness Plus for VPP increases the capacity for many foodservice operations to add menu items that incorporate oxygen-sensitive products central to recent food trends, such as the increased use of guacamole as a condiment and the addition of tropical fruit smoothie flavors,” says John Gaston, director of marketing for fluid packaging at Sealed Air Food & Beverage. “In addition to the benefits to foodservice operations, the new solution is easy for foodservice processors to implement and runs on all Cryovac Onpack VFFS systems.”

For operators looking to switch from cans or rigid packaging, Sealed Air Cryovac vertical pouch packaging results in sustainability benefits, by reducing packaging waste. The reduction in materials has been shown to reduce packaging waste by 76% over cans, even when accounting for recycling.