Texas-basedMyFit Foodsprepares and packages meals 7 days a week, 362 days a year in its own kitchens. The meals are currently distributed to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin markets, with plans to arrive in Arizona, Utah and California.

The company was having problems with the containers the company was purchasing to provide prepackaged healthy meals to customers visiting company storefronts in Texas and nearby states. The polypropylene food trays frequently came open and/or leaked. In addition, the foodservice supplier that was providing the package refused to customize the cover with theMyFit Foodsname, logo and tagline (Eat fit, live fit) because of the tooling costs – eliminating branding that could help the business grow.

MyFit Foodsreached out toBerlin Packaging (www.berlinpackaging.com), which recommended a new container specifically engineered to resist leakage (proved by a demo in which the package was filled with water and tossed across the room) and found a source willing to engrave the cover toMyFit Foods’ specifications.

MyFit Foodsthen underwent a packaging overhaul.

Berlin Packaging teamed up withCuBE Plastics(www.cubep.com) because it is a small and innovative company with a great product and immediate options. The new packaging, manufactured by CuBE Plastics, consists of various size PP food trays (12-, 16-, and 28-ounce rectangular and 17-ounce round) with custom-engraved lids.  The components are microwave safe, freezer safe, recyclable, stackable, reusable and leak resistant. 

The 12-ounce rectangular option was the only size that had to be built.  The standard 12-ounce on the market was a deep dish version that would not allow consumer to evenly heat the meal. MyFit Foods needed a shallower 12-ounce version that would fit with the 16-ounce lid.  Custom engraved lids were options on all sizes.  CuBE Plastics engineered the 12-ounce shallow base to fit the 16-ounce lid. MyFit Foods submitted artwork for lid engraving.

The biggest challenge in the packaging overhaul was logistics. Since Berlin Packaging is not a foodservice distributor it could not offer the traditional restaurant delivery service. MyFit Foods had to setup their own warehouse operation with deliveries to their stores/kitchen.  This new operation opened the door for them to distribute many items to their locations at an overall cost savings.

Anthony Milton, CEO ofMyFit Foodsshares, “Prior to our relationship with Berlin Packaging, we worked with nearly everyone on the block between brokers and container companies direct. We tried very hard to find a company that had some faith in us so that we can grow. I am very happy to know that we found that company.”

MyFit Foodsis most satisfied with the product’s customization and leak-resistant properties. Initial shipments of the new packages to began at the end of July 2011. Containers were introduced inMyFit Foodsretail stores and kiosks shortly thereafter. The new container offered the consumer a package with increased quality at the same price, and it has been well received by kitchen staff and consumer.