Checkweigher metal detector combo saves space and moneyThrough Anritsu's ( integrated inspection solution, the combination checkweigher and metal detector system provides an all-in-one system delivering both high accuracy weighing and metal detection from one piece of equipment. This combination system is the result of the integration of the SSV series checkweigher and duw (dual wave) series metal detector, which provides a best-of-both worlds solution for safety compliance in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

“With many processors, space on the production line is very limited or highly sought after,” says Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA. “In these cases, processors are quick to realize our combination checkweigher and metal detector systems can be the answer for providing highly reliable weighing and contaminants detection in a small space, which ultimately points to cost savings. In fact, Anritsu offers the smallest footprint in the industry when it comes to combined detection.”

To ensure processors have a variety of options when selecting a combined integrated inspection solution, Anritsu offers a full range of equipment options. The Economy series offers 10 models, with the versatility that can checkweigh and detect metals in anything from large cartons to canned products. The SSV-i series is available in eight machine configurations, all of which are waterproof and dustproof. Designed for protein based foods, this wash down combination checkweigher and detection system’s design allows for sanitary control due to the system's contact with unpackaged fresh food, such as fish, poultry, and other meat products. Finally, for high rate and high accuracy, the SSVh series offers models that are ideal for pharmaceutical or high speed lines.

“Technology really plays a key role in performance of these equipment lines,” continues Brainard. “With our global leading technologies being versatile, Anritsu can ensure that the combination metal detection and checkweighing systems operate to their highest capability for the entire lifespan of the equipment’s operation.”