Stretch Wrap FilmTopTier's new patent pending Stretch Wrap system provides unparalleled reliability when concurrently wrapping during load build or wrapping loads already built. Film dispensing is highly refined for increased reliability using calculated film feed based on known load size. Proprietary capabilities provide automatic recover if film break occurs by re-starting film feed including auto re-attachment to the load and overwrapping area where brake occurred assuring load retention integrity. Manual intervention for film break is eliminated in nearly all instances for increased reliability and throughput.
Wrap head pre-stretch capabilities can reliably pre-stretch film at the upper range of film specifications reducing overall film use. Comprehensive menu driven wrapping parameters provide load containment flexibility for any load retention needs. When wrapping loads already built, film auto attaches to the load without any film tail clamp system using patent pending technologies. 
Film cut and wipe also provides performance previously not achieved. Regardless of load size from 52" x 52" down to 30" x 30" the wipe and cut system assures reliable film tail treatment without any adjustments.
About TopTier
TopTier is the leading US manufacturer of moderate speed automatic palletizers, with sales throughout the United States, Canada, and selected countries worldwide. TopTier manufactures automated palletizers exclusively and serves an elite list of Fortune 1000 manufactures and distributors. TopTier palletizers are engineered and built in a vertically integrated manufacturing facility located in Portland, OR.