Bottle labeler addresses customer needs

For maximum speed and agility for labeling bottles, NJM Packaging ( introduces the new Model 326 AUTOCOLT IV, a fast and versatile in-line pressure sensitive labeler with servo-driven precision and reliability. This fifth-generation AUTOCOLT labels square, rectangular and round bottles at speeds up to 300 containers per minute, applying a variety of label configurations including wraparound, multi-panel and optional outserts.

The labeler can handle containers from one to 14 inches in height and from one to five inches in diameter. It can be equipped for optional e-pedigree serialization, RFID tagging and other track and trace initiatives.

Compared to the previous generation AUTOCOLT labeler, the new AUTOCOLT IV features a new control system for maximum accuracy and minimal maintenance. The high speed of the labeler enables it to compete with rotary labelers, however with reduced maintenance, smaller footprint and reduced capital cost. The AUTOCOLT IV can be changed over to handle a new container size and new label size in less than 20 minutes with no tools required.

The options for this labeler are almost endless to meet each customer’s needs. It can accommodate continuous and intermittent inkjet, thermal transfer and laser printers to print variable data such as date, lot code and serialization onto the pre-printed pressure sensitive label material during labeling. The AUTOCOLT IV can be equipped with a vision system and reject system to automatically remove containers with faulty labels from the production line. An option to identify and redirect bad labels prior to applying the label to the product is also available to minimize rework.


On demand color labeling technology enhances image quality

Manufacturers rely on labeling solutions to enhance brand image, support product safety, comply with regulations and manage supply chain logistics. To help manufacturers that produce a high number of SKU’s manage the chaos associated with different label varieties and meet new regulatory labeling standards, Epson America, Inc. ( is introducing new ColorWorks ™ Label Printer technology.

Epson’s latest innovation offers improved image quality and production speeds. The new technology helps reduce total labeling costs by up to 50% for a wide range of packaging applications.

Showcased in Las Vegas at PACK EXPO, the ColorWorks C831 Wide Label Printer allows companies to print the right amount on demand, avoiding large sums of stock inventory. In addition, the printer will help packagers comply with Globally Harmonized System (GHS) labeling standards. GHS provides a universal system for communicating physical, environmental and health hazard information.

The first critical deadline is December 1, 2013, when the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employees be trained on new GHS labeling elements and Safety Data Sheet formats.

Under the new requirements, manufacturers across several industries will need to print labels in vibrant colors to highlight potential hazards. Pre-printed color labels can also pose a challenge since the new guidelines prohibit the use of labels with empty or incomplete pictograms.


Label printer applicator eases operation

ID Technology (, a leading manufacturer of product identification equipment, introduces the Model 255, the first ID Technology Label Printer Applicator designed to be PackML compliant. PackML (Packaging Machine Language) is a standard for programming and controlling packaging equipment, intended to ensure that there is consistency in “look & feel” programming and operation between the packaging systems used in modern packaging lines. PackML is intended to reduce the time needed for installation and training on new equipment, as well as to make packaging machines easier to operate. It also simplifies communication between the different machines that make up a packaging line.

The Model 255 Label Printer Applicator uses Allen Bradley PLC controls along with a 4 inch color touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface) - all the operator screens being designed to meet the PackML guidelines. Since the Model 255 is based on ID Technology’s well proven 252 machine, all of the vast range of applicator options are available, making the Model 255 able to easily handle just about any labeling job.


New generation shrink sleeve applicator simplifies

Axon (, powered by Pro Mach, introduces the Aurora Wide, a new generation shrink film applicator engineered to apply lower gauge films of up to 400mm in Layflat width, a typical range for broad containers and multipacks.

The Aurora Wide is an innovative, mandrel-style applicator, which comes equipped with Allen Bradley controls, servo automation, PackML programming and plug-n-play functionality for hassle-free upgradeability and customization.

The Aurora Wide offers a robust tubular Stainless Steel frame with a cantilevered design that simplifies installation, maintenance and cleaning operations. A convenient swing arm allows flexible access to the touchscreen HMI. Innovation is also seen on the integrated film unwind assembly, as it includes a film buffer or “festoon” system for a smooth, motorized film feed to the applicator, a height-adjustable splicing table with a film locking device and an ergonomic second film roll holder that eases the handling of heavy, large layflat film rolls.


Versatile printer easily integrates

Matthews Marking ( introduces the Savema Thermal Transfer Printer, a low cost, versatile printer used for fixed and variable text, data and graphics. The printer works at continuous or intermittent operation and has the capability to print various barcode and 2D datamatrix codes. It has a small footprint to save space and easily integrates into existing production lines.

With the instant dry time, high quality mark and food friendly ribbons, the Savema Thermal Transfer Printer is ideal for a variety of food and beverage applications. It prints both small and large text and is ideal for reproducing bar codes, real time, sell-by dates, batch numbers, prices, source codes and more.

The 32-40 I and 32 C offers two bracket options for easy integration to machines such as vertical and horizontal form-fill-seal systems, primary labelers, thermo formers and overwrapping equipment.