Produced by Astra Plastique, one of Global Closure Systems’ (GCS, factories in France, Magellan is available with 2 types of dispensing systems: a snowflake valve or a star shaped orifice. The snowflake VSA (Valve Sub-Assembly) offers excellent flow control and a clean cut-off for a wide range of product viscosities – such as condiments sauces, dressings, edible oil, honey, jams and syrups applications - whilst the star shaped orifice is a cost effective alternative for mayonnaise.

With its best in class silicone valve, Magellan delivers optimum dispensing and sealing operations, providing enhanced convenience to consumers with controlled, precise dosing and a stay clean performance.

The attractive design of Magellan with its wide range of colors, its rounded shape and absence of drainage holes delivers a premium, contemporary look to complement any pack style, thus enabling customers to reinforce brand image and enhance the on-shelf appeal of their products.

Magellan is available with a standard induction seal liner which is suitable for both PET and PP bottle materials and can also be offered with a Lift and Peel liner for easy opening. It has been designed for both Top Up and Top Down applications - the snowflake valve allowing optimum dispensing performance for Top Down usage.

In addition, weighing less than 10g, Magellan is one of the lightest 55mm valve dispensing caps on the food market today enabling GCS and the Food market supply chain to reduce its carbon footprint.

Magellan complements GCS’ standard portfolio in Europe, following the recent introduction into the UK of Brazil, a 38/400 (55mm) light-weight valve dispensing closure, which is a perfect backup solution for Magellan.

 Several leading players in the food industry have already adopted Magellan and Brazil relying on GCS’ strong expertise, with over 1 billion valve closures produced each year worldwide.