The world of shipping is a balancing act between speed and dependability, and the less predictable variables of customer demands. To help professional shipping managers meet the need for flexibility with reliability, 3M ( is introducing a new line of 3MMatic™ Case Sealers ? each designed with interchangeable tape heads (2 and 3 inch), rugged dual extruded columns and 3M’s signature quality and service.

For shipping managers tackling the challenges of unpredictable box sizes, the 3M-Matic™ Random Case Sealer 7000r Pro is the ultimate solution, handling up to 24 different case sizes per minute. Boxes as small as 6 inches long x 6 1/2 inches wide to as large as 26 . inches wide and unlimited length won’t confound the photo eye detectors and electro-mechanical height adjustment features, which keep the 7000r Pro taping heads on target and get customer orders out on time.

If the need for speed outweighs size variability, an alternative is the new 3M-Matic™ Adjustable Case Sealer 7000a Pro. The 7000a Pro allows for easily accessed manual side handle adjustments. It can consistently seal up to 40 cases per minute to keep pace with high demand peaks. A third new case sealer, the 8000a, also is designed to handle high volumes and is equipped with a side belt drive system which is ideally suited for sealing tall and tippy boxes.

“Customers in every industry ? whether food, pharmaceutical or retail ? have unique pain points and needs,” says Brian Kenady, US marketing manager for 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tape Division. “Our goal is to reduce their pain, maintain their productivity and never compromise on the quality of the seal. I believe our engineers accomplished that with this new line of case sealers.”

The other major component in controlling packaging variability is the unmatched performance of Scotch™ Box Sealing Tapes from 3M. 3M has engineered box sealing tapes to perform under all kinds of conditions ? from cold temperatures to high humidity and most recently recycled corrugate content up to 100 percent ? each assuring the reliable seal of a Scotch™ tape closure. Together, Scotch™ Tape and the new 3M case sealers deliver the “total package” in packaging systems.