Vision inspection solution ensures labeling integrity 
METTLER TOLEDO ( CI-Vision launches the V2622 Flex-Lite Vision Solution for label and package inspection. The V2622 allows manufacturers to quickly and easily implement a machine vision-based label and labeling control program using modular extended components. Using the new system, manufacturers can inspect labels for barcodes, allergy information, expiration dates, lot and batch numbers. The V2622 also conducts inspections for package integrity, including presence and proper placement of labels, caps or other packaging elements. In addition, it offers manufacturers an optimal vision inspection solution that can be easily configured onto their existing production lines.
The basic V2622 includes a smart camera, a patch panel as a connecting element and configuration software. Additional modular components can easily be added as production line needs change. The V2622 system’s IP65 dust- and splash-proof components make it suitable for a range of food and beverage applications. The standard TCP/IP connection also allows for easy integration into existing or new packaging lines.
The patch panel of V2622 Flex-Lite can be easily integrated into an existing control panel. Alternatively, installation can be done via a separate control panel when space on an existing panel is limited or if an independent configuration is preferred. The METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision Installation Service ensures the V2622 is ready for immediate use by the plant operator.
At the heart of the V2622 are smart cameras with unique resolution, lenses and lighting for different inspections. Cameras utilizing liquid lenses automatically change focus within fractions of a second; no camera adjustments are necessary during changeovers. This minimizes changeover times and maximizes flexibility, delivering efficient production runs. METTLER TOLEDO CI-Vision’s optional Inspection Manager software allows central control of the smart cameras, which are equipped with LED indicators visually displaying camera status and I/O signals, greatly simplifying setup and troubleshooting.
Two available software packages allow users to install only the inspection tools required for their needs. Preset system permission packages get user personnel up-to-speed quickly and allow system administration to adjust rights as necessary. The Inspection Manager main screen provides access to Smart Camera software and real-time pass/fail count, audit logging and backup of all inspection parameters.