The Industrial Bags business of Mondi ( is currently completing an investment at its North American plants that will improve product quality and speed shipments to customers throughout the continent. The investment consists primarily of high-speed printing capability, packaging and robotic palletizing systems, new and upgraded warehousing, a clean room for food grade packaging production and a new IT system. The program began in July 2014 and is projected for completion this year.

“The investment reflects Mondi Industrial Bags’ commitment to serving its North American customers with new levels of excellence that are in line with Mondi’s world class global standards for quality and efficiency,” says Mark Ushpol, president of Mondi Industrial Bags in North America. “We tapped Mondi’s vast global knowledge and experience in the industrial bags sector to identify and procure the fastest and most technically advanced packaging and printing resources. Our ultimate goal is to ensure our customers’ success.”

Mondi is in touch with its customers’ needs every day, and much of the North American investment has been in support of its ‘in touch’ business proposition. “Our customers tell us that quality and on-time shipments are among their most important priorities,” Ushpol reports. “So while we have invested in machinery and equipment upgrades, our new IT system will further support our ability for greater customer intimacy, connection and ultimately increased supply chain integration. In addition, our associates across a multitude of functions are receiving training from experts across Mondi’s European plant network. They are quickly gaining market-leading skills and know-how established by Mondi over many years.”

Mondi’s new clean room will be located at the company’s Salt Lake City plant. It is equipped with detection equipment that provides a unique capability for food grade bag production. The clean room complements certain specific Mondi bag solutions, such as the trademarked Peel Pak® bag, which is qualified for dry dairy and related food-product clean room applications. For Mondi customers, the plant is a one-stop point for food grade bag purchases and accountability. Food quality certification has already been achieved at a number of Mondi’s NA plants, setting high standards customers can rely upon for their product packaging.

“We have repositioned the business in the last 18 months to create a sustainable business and an innovative market presence, which supports our customer partnerships and strengthens our business relationships,” Ushpol notes. “We’ve had our challenges over this period. However, we’ve started to settle and our customers are acknowledging the improvements they’re beginning to see. Over the next year we will realize benefits from our investment, and our customers will experience the advantages of dealing with a leading, committed, global player in the IB market.”