A checkweigher is a machine used to check the weight of packaged commodities to ensure that they are within specified limits. Operation can be manual or automatic and the machine will reject any products that are out of specification (either too heavy or too light).

Checkweighers come in many different sizes, configurations and capabilities and can process products weighing a fraction of a gram through to items weighing hundreds of kilograms. These machines can operate continuously at extremely high speeds in all types of environments. In addition to being able to separate and classify products in terms of weight, they can be engineered to include a variety of additional features including metal detection (for contaminants), barcode scanning, temperature sensors and holographic scanners.

So how can these machines help your business?

A successful business hinges on many different factors including operational effectiveness and efficiencies, risk management, cost control, quality control, regulatory compliance and customer relationships. Here’s how a checkweigher can positively impact on all of these factors:

Operational efficiencies

A checkweigher speeds up the process of checking and classifying products to ensure they’re within prescribed tolerances, saving valuable time on manual separation and improving efficiencies on any production line. They can be integrated into the production line or implemented as a standalone process.

Productivity levels

An automated checkweigher will optimise the production process by automatically rejecting any off-spec item. Items are checked in a dynamic process, so there’s no need to waste time and valuable resources by manually sorting, sampling or separating items.

Risk management

A checkweigher with in-built X-ray or metal detection capabilities will reduce the risk of contaminated product getting to market. Recalls are extremely costly and can result in reputational damage and lost business. This equipment will also prevent the risk of underweight packages or those with inadequate or insufficient product content reaching the market, which may also have a negative impact on customer loyalty as well as result in costly legal action as a result of breaches of consumer protection legislation and other regulations.

Cost controls

A checkweigher prevents packages from being over-filled, which may not seem like a big deal on small amounts but costs can escalate quickly when large volumes of product or materials are simply being ‘given away’. A checkweigher will reduce this loss of materials and profit and also help businesses control costs by increasing efficiencies and throughputs and optimizing the production line.

Quality Control

A checkweigher can play a vital role in quality control, ensuring that all items that leave the plant or factory meet prescribed standards. Imperfect or non-conforming items are eliminated and only those that are fully compliant will be accepted to the next stage.

Regulatory compliance

Fair trading laws and food laws require that labels do not misinform consumers through false, misleading or deceptive representations. A checkweigher will ensure that all products that go to market comply with legislative and industry requirements.

Customer relationships

A checkweigher will help ensure that your products meet customers’ expectations as the likelihood of underweight goods ending up in the market is virtually nothing. By minimizing the possibility of returns and complaints, the checkweigher protects your customers and protects your brand from costly recalls and reputational damage. Both the customer and the manufacturer have peace of mind that the products comply with regulations and meet expectations.

Weight inspection is a critical factor in today’s increasingly demanding production environment. By successfully integrating a checkweigher into the production line, operations can save time and prevent lost revenue as well as proactively control their efficiencies, quality, risk and regulatory compliance and enhance their customer loyalty - all of which are key success factors for any business.

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