For package printers, some of the most relevant solutions from AVT’s ( are its Turbo series, which includes Apollo Turbo, Argus Turbo and Argus E Turbo.  These systems provide valuable features including high-resolution inspection, unsurpassed workflow support and job verification tailored to the needs of packaging production lines.

Though the Turbo series offers a variety of benefits, it is named for its exceptionally fast and accurate vision system.  The Turbo series’ vision technology affords highest-possible resolution at previously unattainable production speeds for best-in-class inspection quality with no quantity compromise or lost data.  Supported by a new dedicated LED illumination technology, the camera provides an unprecedented combination of high-resolution, high-volume quality control.

Another point of distinction for the Turbo series comes with its PDF job verification capabilities.  AVT’s signature JobRef, which enables verification at the setup stage by automatically comparing the current job to the original, customer-approved digital PDF file, has been modified to specifically address the needs of the packaging sector.  This up-front comparison results not only in improved accuracy – it reduces the chance of reprints due to mistake to almost zero – but also in shorter setup times, especially in cases of previously run jobs.