Protective packaging comes in both material and container form. It safeguards the product as a candy bar wrapper or can; and as a container, like a box for shipping with the product inside. Both are necessary forms of protection to give the end user, the consumer, trust in the CPG owner and/or the shipper. The barrier films, wrappers, boxes and other materials used are designed and constructed to protect the goods from atmospheric, magnetic, electrostatic, vibration or shock damage.

According to a recent ResearchandMarkets ( report, the protective packaging market is set to grow at a CAGR of 6.03% to reach U.S. $38.548 billion by 2022 (from $28.769 billion in 2017). The growing global ecommerce industry is the major driver of global protective packaging market. Growing internet penetration, rising purchasing power, increased proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices is boosting the sales through e-retailing channels, which are augmenting the demand for protective packaging solutions for packaged goods.

Online retailing of delicate products require air pillows, protective mailers and bubble packaging which, in turn, will contribute to the market’s growth. One product using a protective mailer is yamo AG’s baby food box, by Thimm ( Yamo places a special emphasis on regionality, naturalness and freshness and produces its products using a particularly gentle process. With product names such as “Pirates of the carrotean” or “Applecalypse now,” the baby food can be ordered online in different box combinations in a range of sizes.

To accompany the market launch earlier this year, the Swiss startup was looking at shipping packaging that reflect the reliability, quality and sophistication of the products. The solution was Thimm secureLock, a shipping packaging system with a tamper-evident lock. The integrated corrugated cardboard safety lock ensures that when goods are delivered to the recipient, they are still sealed and intact. Other sealing methods (such as plastic adhesive tapes) are therefore not required. Thus, the packaging consists of environmentally friendly corrugated board, which highlights the sustainability of yamo products.  

Another boxed solution comes from Sonoco ThermoSafe (, a unit of Sonoco, with its new range of reusable, temperature-sensitive solutions for the pharmaceutical and biologics markets. ChillTech® provides exceptional temperature control for payloads from 4L to 40L. ChillTech utilizes Sonoco ThermoSafe’s patented Zero Bench-Time® technology, where systems can be packed-out straight from the freezer, saving customers space, time and money. Each solution has the same pack-out configuration and is used year-round, regardless of season. In addition, following Sonoco ThermoSafe’s philosophy to Embrace Simple®, customers can simply change the outer insulated shipper to switch shipment duration from 2 days to 4 and up to 6 days. The box is also reusable for future shipments.

Protective packaging specialist Storopack ( has added a space-saving substitute for traditional air bubble film to its portfolio, with AIRplus® Wrap film. The film’s innovative format lends itself well to wrapping delicate products: Its flexible, wavelike structure allows items to be wrapped tightly. So fragile and delicate products of varying sizes are now better protected from shocks, scratches and damage. Another advantage is its on-demand production, with the packer creating the air cushions according to their needs right at the packing station. This gives it the edge over ready-inflated air bubble film which is delivered on large rolls, takes up a lot of storage space, and has to be continuously transported to the packing station.

AIRplus Wrap film is available in two formats: 400×175 millimeters (19d wrap) and 710×175 millimeters (36d wrap). AIRplus Wrap joins the existing portfolio of AIRplus products, including Void for large air cushions used to fill voids; Cushion with smaller air cushions for blocking and bracing, and for cushioning; and Bubble with round air chambers for wrapping items.

Material advancements improve food safety

Barrier materials protect foods and beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and other products from being contaminated. Mondi Consumer Packaging Group’s ( new range of pre-formed tubes and bags provide greater product protection and improved material stability. With multilayer films, including a Nylon (PA) or EVOH layer in the center, it creates a nearly impenetrable barrier for moisture, scent or gas. The stronger structure makes the material more durable and tighter than conventional sealed films. As a result, food, cosmetic, agricultural and chemistry products will have great product protection, thanks to an extended shelf life.

The films are available in two different versions. A pre-formed tube with side gussets, which is ideal for automated form, fill and sealing production in a variety of formats from one pound up to 50 pounds. The film tubes can be printed on in up to six colors. The solution also provides a special anti-slip embossing to simplify palletization. The second version can be used for pre-formed bags that require manual filling. The increased product protection and high material quality makes these films appealing to the American pet food and pharmaceutical markets.

Dow’s ( new RHOBARR™ Binders offer fluorocarbon-free alternatives to food contact coatings for paper and paperboard packaging. RHOBARR utilizes Dow’s proprietary BLUEWAVE™ technology, which successfully disperses polymers in water to enable more sustainable and safer protective packaging with waterborne coatings.

The coatings are FDA and BfR food contact compliant and offer creation of high quality, resistant paper-based packaging for food and beverages, dry goods and other consumer products, while helping manufacturers and brand owners meet growing consumer demand for protective packaging.

RHOBARR 130 and 110 Binders are compatible with a variety of additives and pigments to allow for customized performance across a wide range of applications. Performance attributes include hot block resistance, fatty acid barrier, improved liquid water barrier and retained properties when folded.

More solutions for protecting consumer packaged goods are coming out all the time, thanks to a higher level of technology due to increased theft of online-ordered shipped packages. You are sure to find the perfect match to ship or package your product with all that is available. The end user may not know what you do to get the package to their doorstep or kitchen table, but it is a necessary step to take for brand protection.