On Developing Trends

Environmental stewardship has been top of mind with consumers for some time, prompting more brands to “go green” with their packaging in response. We most recently reported on this trend in the April 2007 issue of BRANDPACKAGING (archives at www.brandpackaging.com).
Boisset Vins & Spiriteux of Bourgogne, France, is at the front of the pack with the launch of its Yellow Jersey line of fine wines, packaged in what’s said to be the first 750-mL PET wine bottle commercially manufactured in North America. Dubbed by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario as a “smart bottle”, the container features MonOxbar active oxygen scavenger technology for added shelf life.
“This new packaging was chosen for reasons of sustainability and performance,” says Jean-Charles Boisset, president, Boisset Vins & Spiriteux. “A key driver was our desire to satisfy the LCBO’s environmental initiative, which aims to educate brand owners to consider more sustainable packaging materials. Both the company and I have a firm commitment to environmental preservation.”
The bottle is designed and produced by MPI Packaging using preforms supplied by Constar. In addition to its shelf-life capability, MonOxbar PET is unbreakable, resealable, recyclable and lighter weight for reduced transportation costs. A silhouette of the coveted yellow shirt, traditionally worn by the lead rider in the Tour de France and other bicycle races, is is embossed on the bottle for tactile appeal. The line includes Merlot, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc varietals.
Where to go for more information...
Oxygen-scavenging technology. At Constar International, contact T. Scott Pleune at 215.552.3700 or visit www.constar.net

Design and manufacturing. At MPI Packaging, call 905.673.6447 or visit www.mpi-pkg.com