The National Stationery Show just announced Mohawk Superfine is the official paper of the NSS. Both Superfine and NSS are celebrating 70 years in the industry at the show, which takes place May 15 – 18, 2016 in New York.  
Introduced in 1946, Mohawk Superfine has long been celebrated for its quality, consistency and perfect printing surface. This flagship paper grade has become known as the finest uncoated text and cover paper for offset printing, letterpress printing, and as the benchmark in fine paper for digital printing. It is the paper of choice by designers, artists and authors worldwide. Mohawk Superfine is a premium paper that works well on today’s leading digital presses, making it ideal for social stationery, wedding invitations, greeting cards, business cards, annual reports, real estate collateral, beautiful coffee table books, and other high quality photo products, or digital print projects in which luxurious results are essential. 
“Mohawk is pleased to join with the NSS to commemorate these shared 70th milestones,” said Bart Robinson, senior vice president, marketing, Mohawk. “In a digital age ruled by e-mail, smart phones, tablets and texts, a renewed interest in the tangible has emerged revealing the lasting impact of print and the appreciation for beautiful and tactile social stationery.  Mohawk is proud to partner with the NSS to advance the stationery industry, including small businesses, designers and letterpress printers, through awareness, education, and inspiration.”
A selection of items printed on Mohawk Superfine will be featured in Mohawk’s NSS exhibit space and Mohawk will celebrate stationery brands that choose Superfine for their product lines.  Most of the NSS print materials will be printed on the paper as well. 
“The National Stationery Show is truly privileged to work with Mohawk Paper as we celebrate these joint milestones,” said Patti Stracher, vice president and show director. “Together, we share both a deep commitment to reinforcing the fundamental importance of paper and tactile communications as core to human relationships, and a standard of excellence in our service to the social stationery industry.” 
Celebrating 70 Years
To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Mohawk’s iconic grade, the company is embarking on a campaign called, #DearSuperfine. Superfine users everywhere are encouraged to share a birthday greeting, sketch, email or memory about their relationship with Superfine to acknowledge the grade’s long and storied history within the creative community.
NSS Stationery Stories celebrates this cherished industry by profiling the stories shared by many of the people and personalities that have made the industry what it is today. #StationeryStories will debut on the website later this month and will feature an on-going series of photos and interviews.