The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) recently awarded Printpack a Gold Award for the Rust-Oleum SpraySmart marking paint pouch. The SpraySmart pouch stood out in the Packaging Excellence category, which encompasses achievements in printing and shelf impact, sustainability and technical innovation.

The SpraySmart pouch is a clear, 12oz ultra-durable flexible pouch made to be a spray paint can replacement. It utilizes premium external high barrier materials along with Printpack’s proprietary barrier sealant film technology to achieve outstanding barrier to oxygen, moisture, and chemical attack.

Fitted with a non-clogging spray tip, this pouch fits in existing spray wands and allows for a flawless transition from the usual aerosol can. 

SpraySmart pouches are designed to evacuate more effectively, providing more paint coverage for the same package weight. The used pouches take up much less space and do not require disposal as hazardous waste.

SpraySmart aims to deliver everything this market segment has been asking for, including convenience, cost savings, accuracy and sustainability.

Printpack is honored to be recognized by the FPA for its advancements in revolutionary packaging designs.