Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, announces the launch of Nielsen Design Navigator, a creative enablement tool that helps marketers significantly improve the in-market effectiveness of package design. With this launch, Nielsen brings its leadership in marketing effectiveness, innovation forecasting and in-market success to the package design arena. 

According to industry data, as much as 90 percent of new package designs fail to deliver a measurable sales increase — and 50 percent of in-market designs actually hurt brand equity. Key to addressing these challenges is Nielsen Design Navigator, which draws on patented technologies developed by recently acquired Affinnova. Nielsen Design Navigator solves the central issues of the current design process by enabling brands and designers to explore a much broader range of early stage design concepts and objectively assessing them based on visual stand out, consumer preference and brand equity. These consumer-driven analytics provide unprecedented clarity for marketers, helping them identify design routes that will have the largest brand and financial impact.

With this expanded offering, brand marketers and designers can more reliably and consistently launch more effective package designs for new products or re-launched brands. In fact, early results show that brands using Nielsen Design Navigator experience a 34 percent increase in package design stand out, 28 percent increase in consumer preference for the product and a 5.5 percent increase in forecasted sales.

“Design is one of the most underleveraged marketing tools because of the uncertainty built into the process and absence of metrics to track results,” says Andrew Somosi, EVP Product Leadership at Nielsen. “Solutions such as Nielsen Design Navigator have the power to change the design packaging game by empowering CMOs to view their package design work like they do advertising or social media — as a marketing investment with a clear and measurable financial return.”

The launch of Nielsen Design Navigator was announced at Nielsen’s annual Consumer 360 Conference which is currently taking place in Washington D.C. This new service is now available to Nielsen clients. To learn more about Design Navigator and Nielsen’s other design solutions, visit

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