Bemis Company, Inc. is proud to be recognized with two Global Leadership Awards from the Packaging Consortium (PAC), receiving a silver award for the Campbell's Ready Meals pouch and a silver award for the MiO Liquid Water Enhancer package in the Packaging Innovation Category.
Campbell's Ready Meals Pouch
This self-venting pouch is designed for busy consumers seeking convenient, portable meals. In just 60 seconds, consumers can enjoy the meal directly out of the bowl-shaped pouch. Controlled venting keeps consumers satisfied by ensuring even heating with no cold spots – and adds an additional level of convenience by eliminating the need to tear open the pouch prior to heating.
MiO Liquid Water Enhancer featuring Snapsil® Opening Technology
This liquid water enhancer sample package specifically targets the behavior patterns of multi-tasking millennials, who use one hand for many functions throughout the day. Consumers simply "snap” open the sampler. The squeezable format provides controlled dispensing of the liquid flavoring, for performance that echoes the MiO tagline, "Squeeze More Into Life."
Bemis accepted the awards at the Package Design Matters Conference on January 21, 2016 in Bonita Springs, Fla.  For more information on the competition, click here.