Berry Plastics Group, Inc. (NYSE: BERY) is honored to receive three awards from the In-Mold Decoration Association (IMDA) for its high-quality in-mold label (IML) decoration technologies. The IMDA recognizes companies for continuously enhancing in-mold decoration capabilities into products across all markets.
“These awards validate the capital investment we are currently making for IML technologies,” said Brian Hunt, Vice President of Product Management. “We understand that decoration is more than just a graphic; it’s telling our customers’ story in the most impactful way and showcasing it with the best decoration option. We apply this thought process to challenge what’s possible and deliver the best solutions to our customers.”
Berry Plastics received these awards in partnership with its customers and label suppliers. The recognized products all showcase Berry Plastics’ superior IML printing capabilities, which is widely-known as one of the most premium decoration technologies in the packaging industry. The individual awards are:
  • Best Part Design-Gold: The Scented Baby Wipes™ IML part is integrated into a flexible package, and is one of the smallest commercially available cut and stack IML application products on the market. The label is supplied by Inland®.
  • Best Product Family- Gold: The new Unilever® margarine containers and lids are beautifully decorated using IML, providing superior branding opportunities to shine on the shelf across four unique brands. The label is supplied by Verstraete In-Mold Labels®.
  • Best Product Family- Silver: Berry Plastics’ own SelecTE™ product family is a premium non-round package designed with a high-quality IML that can be three or five-sided and be printed clear or with metallic ink. This product family allows consumers to see the quality of the food inside while brands have large graphic real estate inside and outside the container. The label is supplied by Verstraete In-Mold Labels.