STEEP 18 Cold Brew Coffee is right on trend as it introduced its line of eclectic cold brew varieties. Sourced only from the highest quality, 100% Arabica beans, and then steeped for 18 hours to ensure the most potency and taste, the products come in Breakfast Blend, Colombian, Donut Blend, Guatemalan, Signature, and Sumatran flavors. They are all co-packed at Protenergy in SIG Combibloc’s combiblocSlimline 946 ml carton packs.

Some like it hot, but the new trend for coffee fanatics now comes in the form of the cold brew variety. A staple of the American morning breakfast, the afternoon pick-me-up, or evening post-dinner beverage, this staple now adds to its arsenal of limitless options the new brewing technique that allows consumers the ability to enjoy their “cup of joe” in a different way, and brands and manufacturers have taken notice.      

Unlike conventional iced coffee that is made from hot-brewed drip, which is then cooled and poured over ice, cold brew coffee is made from pouring room temperature or colder water over coffee grounds. The grounds are then steeped for at least 12 hours, that results in a drink that is less acidic, not bitter, rich, smooth – and even sweeter.

“Customer and consumer response to our Cold Brew Coffee in the carton format has been extremely positive. Consumers love the quality of the product and its 1 year shelf life without any preservatives," says Shannon Clayton, senior category manager at TreeHouse Foods.