Cruzan Rum’s Estate Diamond Distiller’s Collection is repositioning the brand with a new identity developed by strategic branding agency Webb deVlam that celebrates its premium quality and 250-year-old Caribbean heritage, as well as sets it apart from fruit-flavored rums.

Cruzan recognized that there was a growing band of “casual connoisseurs,” people who enjoy premium rums, preferring to sip and savor. The company asked Webb deVlam to take its Estate Diamond Distiller’s Collection to the next level to appeal to this expanding audience.

Classic bottle cues have been introduced, including broad shoulders, a long neck and real wood and cork closures. An embossed-glass logo references the Nelthropp family crest and island motifs, showcases the four distinct colors within the line, from clear to black. Gary Nelthropp’s signature on the Single Barrel and Black Strap editions communicates the care that has been taken with every bottle. Notes and illustrations have been added to the labels to tell Cruzan’s story, and tasting tips included to help consumers savor the individual notes and get the most out of each rum.   •