Jelly Belly Candy Company just launched its new Retro Collection. Inspired by innovation milestones in the company’s history, Chocolate Dutch Mints, Fruit Sours, Licorice Bridge Mix, the Original 8  Jelly Belly jelly beans, Raspberries and Blackberries, and Candy Corn are now available in old-school, whimsical packaging that goes back to the past.

The 1960s-inspired retro clear cans are the ultimate showcase for Jelly Belly's classic confections, matching the quality of the candy inside. Each can in this collection stands around three inches tall. The resealable plastic lid keeps the candy fresh, and its size makes it a practical and versatile gift. 

The Candy Corn flip-top box pays homage to the company’s roots from the early 20th century. Ancestors of the Jelly Belly family began making Candy Corn 120 years ago.

Inspired by past packaging that first debuted in the 1920s, a proud rooster crows while standing on top of a pile of Candy Corn with “Goelitz Candy Corn” written in script, honoring the Goelitz family that started it all. The flip-top feature lets consumers reclose the box.