The core focus behind this innovation is eliminating unnecessary waste in the laundry category. The EasyDose bottle illustrates that there is at least 5 pounds of unnecessary material and water in every 100 oz bottle of laundry detergent. In 2018, there were almost 90 million 100 oz bottles of laundry detergent sold in the US with 60-66 loads of laundry in each (IRI, 2018). There are at least 5 extra pounds in each of those bottles, which equates to more than 440MM pounds of unnecessary resources and cost in the system from just this product line! Imagine what that means for the 150 oz laundry jug business?  


Designed with the Amazon shopper in mind, EasyDose redefines the standard of laundry detergent packaging and sourcing; proving good things really do come in small packages.