The book lays out the many phases of a package’s lifecycle and showing the design elements that must be decided upon at each stage. It also highlights multiple points where designers and engineers must choose correctly in order to create a visually appealing as well as cost-effective and manufacturable package—and one that is also safe and sustainable. The text delves into materials, machinery, printing, test methods, and regulations and shows how subtle changes in components and processing affect designers’ options. Extensive data is provided to plan barrier films, cartons, cans, jars, bottles, and shipping containers, including closures and labeling.

Some Highlights of the Book Include:

  • Provides practical tips for package designers and design team members to plan cost-effective and problem-free packages
  • Spells out design requirements and limitations through all phases of a package’s lifecycle
  • Describes the impact of materials, manufacturing, test methods, and regulations on packaging options
  • Covers plastics, paper, metal and glass consumer and distribution packaging
  • A proven and critical reference for professionals who design and engineer packaging

Chapters Include:

  • The Packaging Chain, Product Vulnerabilities, and Packaging Functions
  • Basics of Packaging Design, Methodology, Innovation, and Evaluation
  • A Model of Packaging Design and Decisions
  • Packaging Materials, Properties, and Their Packaging Functions
  • Basics of Packaging Printing Technologies, Adhesives, Labeling, and Sleeving
  • Paper, Board, and Corrugated Board
  • Metal Packaging
  • Material Combinations
  • Wood, Ceramics, Cork, Textiles
  • Setting Up a Packaging Line for Different Types of Packaging
  • Physical-chemical Methods of Assessment in Practice
  • Sustainable Packaging Design and the Importance of LCA
  • Costs of Packaging, Costs in Relation to the Chain, and the Costs of Failures

Packaging Design Decisions: A Technical Guide, by Roland ten Klooster, Ph.D., Frans Lox, Ph.D., and Ton Schilperoord, Ir. is published by DEStech Publications, Inc., best known for advanced publications in materials science and packaging technology. 978-1-60595-070-9, November 2018, 400 pages, 6x9, Hardcover, Price: $129.50.