Silgan Closures has launched its new one-piece 55 mm KS2 plastic closure for five- and three-gallon HOD (Home and Office Delivery) water bottles. The KS2 incorporates multiple new features that set it apart from competitive water bottle closures. Molded of a proprietary blend of resins that resists cracking, the closure features a pierceable shell design that virtually eliminates spillage. It also incorporates a flow-in closure liner for a superior bottle seal and a tamper-evident band to ensure product safety.

The KS2 closure incorporates a series of radiating perforated leaves that open when the bottle is installed, but remain attached to the cap, and are removed with the cap when bottles are returned for refilling. This eliminates the potential for cap pieces remaining in the bottle where they can become lodged in refillers’ bottle cleaning equipment and cause work stoppages or delays. They also tend to reclose when the bottle is removed from the base, reducing the potential for spillage of any water remaining in the bottle.

Whereas most existing HOD bottle closures today incorporate a rigid foam liner to seal the closure to the bottle, the KS2 employs a flow-in liner that is injected following molding. This flexible liner conforms to any irregularities in the neck of the bottle that may have been created through repeated use, ensuring a complete seal even to an uneven surface.

The closure itself, molded of a proprietary blend of resiins, is more flexible and resistant to cracking than existing HOD closures. This makes cracking of closures and subsequent leaking much less likely during shipping, handling and installation of bottles. The KS2 also incorporates a tamper-evident band that assures users that the water has not been opened prior to delivery. The KS2 requires less resin to mold, in keeping with Silgan Closures’ ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility, and the design of the cap enables it to be run on existing application equipment without major changes.

A pull-tab molded into the closure skirt makes removal easier and ensures complete removal. This benefits bottle fillers by making removal prior to cleaning and refilling more efficient.