Cremer, a supplier of product counting machines, has introduced its HQ Series line of compact counting and packaging machines designed for unmixed, single type or single flavor products. The servo-driven three-model portfolio is designed to provide fast, reliable and cost-efficient counting solutions for primary or secondary packaging of candy, confectionary and chocolate as well as non-food products such as medical parts, hardware and detergent pouches.

The counting machines can be placed directly atop a packaging machine for bag filling applications or over a conveyor belt for precise positioning and discharge of product counts into common packaging platforms such as cartons, boxes, tubs or tins to preserve production floorspace.

Available in HQ, HQF and HQI models, the counting machines are designed for use with a wide variety of products — either in bulk quantities or single piece discharges into any package. The HQ Series is scalable for varying production levels depending on product type and output, with available counting channel options of 4, 6, 8 or 12. Typical output is up to 5,500 individual pieces or 175 units (discharges)/minute.

Reportedly compatible with all industrial packaging and cartoning machines, the HQ Series features a compact footprint of 40 or 60 cm, FDA-compliant product parts for processing both food and non-food products, and streamlined tool-free disassembly for easy operation and cleaning. Other features include silent operation with no compressed air required and a product detection unit with 100% accuracy, the company says. Up to three memory flap levels are available for count separation and dispensing. Vibratory plates for product transport and separation and a timing hopper for discharging product counts are also built in.

The HQ series machines can work in tandem with a bulk dosing system with infeed hopper and incline dosing conveyor, or over an indexing conveyor for filling boxes, cartons, tubs, bottles, jars or tins. Fully customized hygienic counting machines are also available.

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