Cortec utilized the latest technology available to create a USDA 92% certified, biobased, biodegradable, non-toxic and water-based EcoAir Non-Toxic Rust Remover, which provides multi-metal corrosion protection.

Packaged in an air-powered spray can, it removes rust and stains without polluting and is also nonflammable. In addition, the EcoAir 422 can remove corrosion from metal without creating waste disposal difficulties and is operator friendly. It does not adversely affect ceramics, paints, plastics, rubber, textiles or wood either and can remove corrosion from metal by applying the product prior to rinsing with water. 

EcoAir 422 is also completely organic and does not require special disposal for typical usage. It can be used for outdoor and marine applications in which chemical waste disposal can be a problem. Additionally, the rust remover can be used in labor-intensive areas, such as continuous assembly and packaging lines, thereby minimizing effects on production efficiency. VpCI-422 G is also available as a modification of VpCI-422, which is recommended for galvanized steel. The EcoAir 422 Rust Remover is packaged in EcoAir, an airpowered spray can using advanced spray can technology.

The spray can is powered by compressed air, which can replace chemical propellants. This technology allows the four-layer EcoPouch to be inserted into a recyclable aluminum can, which is then pressurized. Finally, the EcoPouch is filled with the liquid. As the valve is depressed, the surrounding pressure expels the bag’s internal fluids until the product is used up.

EcoAir packaging is reportedly safe to use, ship and store and has no environmental impact or chemical propellants.

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