At our company, Jamestown Plastics, we pride ourselves on solving tough engineering and business challenges for our clients across many industries. One of our major verticals is packaging, where our signature, patented invention, the Clamtainer®, a durable and sustainable alternative to traditional clamshell packaging, has driven many of our successes.

Clamtainer’s  Click-It™ Closure technology provides exceptional security with a one-snap closing system that can be opened with just one hand (a huge advantage for seniors, people with arthritis, and others with mobility challenges). While easy to open for adults, its kid-proof closure mechanism makes it a choice for brands that require Certified Child Resistant Packaging.

Another benefit for our customers is Clamtainer doesn’t require costly welding, heat sealing, or equipment and tooling to buy and maintain. This makes it attractive to a manufacturer’s bottom line as it creates cost efficiencies, reducing the amount of time and labor needed to pack-out products, an important factor for companies facing labor shortages and budgetary constraints.

As the cannabis industry began to grow exponentially, we realized it was a market that could benefit from our packaging and technology. We researched major players in the cannabis packaging industry and identified AssurPack®, a cannabis packaging company founded in 2014 with 100+ years of combined packaging experience, as a leader in its field and a company with whom we’d like to partner. If there is anything I’ve learned in my 50+ years of business, it is to surround yourself with people smarter than you, and the people at AssurPack fit the bill!

Nancy Warner, AssurPack’s founder and CEO, led the charge to complete the necessary testing by a third-party agency to grant Clamtainer the designation as a certified child resistant package, a must in the cannabis sector. She also made sure the packaging was made from recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) since being a green product is important to her customers. Clamtainer, marketed as AssurClam® in the cannabis market, became an attractive packaging solution for the edibles market.

Canna Café, a division of Minerva Canna of Oklahoma, a five-location medicinal marijuana dispensary with headquarters in Langley, Okla., made cannabis chocolate bars that were a favorite among customers, but came to the realization that their product was much better than their packaging. The complaints: it was difficult for customers to open and involved a time-consuming manufacturing process.

AssurClam to the rescue! With the change, Canna Café customers raved about the ease of opening, liked that the packaging could be put into a cooler, and that the recycled plastic packaging didn’t melt like the old packaging box did. As for the production side, the packaging switch resulted in a faster process and reduced payroll costs because AssurClam does not require pre-assembly.

The AssurClam is available in multiple stock sizes and custom configurations. When combined with specialized inserts, it’s suitable for a wide range of applications for the cannabis market such as the packaging of vapes and larger baked goods.