A global leader in coding, marking, and printing solutions with over 45 years of world class inkjet design experience, Videojet Technologies is pleased to announce the global launch of a new continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer, the Videojet 1580 C. As the industry’s first dedicated soft-pigmented printer, the 1580 C exclusively uses soft-pigmented contrast inks to print high-quality codes with superior uptime. 

Innovations in hydraulics, as well as new patented ink and make-up fluid cartridge designs, bring the 1580 C’s running time and maintenance intervals to the same level as the standard Videojet 1580 CIJ printer. Based on the tried and trusted Videojet 1580 platform, the 1580 C offers similar features and an ergonomic design.

The 1580 C is simple to operate and maintain, featuring the same cleaning cycles and preventive maintenance requirements as dye-based printers. Its fluid cartridge design helps to reduce the pigment blockages and printhead clogs that are common in other pigmented ink printers. In addition, a new printhead design increases uptime by allowing more time between cleanings.

The 1580 C printer is engineered to print codes with consistent quality, excellent contrast, and strong durability to avoid degradation and fading during production runs. The conical mixer tank helps improve ink recirculation, which reduces pigment settling and increases ink consistency. Videojet Dynamic Calibration automatically maintains superior print quality for optimum uptime even under changing environmental conditions.

The Videojet SIMPLiCITYTM user interface delivers code assurance through the use of error-proofing rules that define editable fields, permissible data types, and date range restrictions to reduce printer interactions and the chance for user errors. The Videojet OPTIMiZE tool helps manage ink and make-up usage, calculate future fluids forecasts, and determine power wastage.

“The 1580 C is ready to meet today’s printing challenges and whatever the future needs of Industry 4.0 are likely to demand,” said Xavier Chaveton, Business Unit Director for Videojet. “An integrated Wi-Fi antenna allows the printer to connect to an internal network for greater mobility, and there is no need for network cables or hard wiring.” 

The printer’s webserver capability allows operators to access printers through supported web browsers on host computers, with up to five webserver sessions allowed for each printer. Cellular connectivity gives the printer direct access to the Videojet cloud without involvement from a company’s IT resources.

Specifically formulated for the 1580 C, Videojet soft-pigmented inks provide fast dry times and high resistance to transfer, light, heat, and solvents. Three new yellow inks and one black ink, each with unique performance characteristics, are launching with the 1580 C printer. Featuring a new formula that reduces the settling rate, the new soft-pigmented inks have been designed to deliver stable and consistent contrast over time. 

For more information about the Videojet 1580 C continuous inkjet printer, visit https://www.videojet.com/1580c