Universal Investment & Industries, a co-manufacturer based in Ghana, was very interested in investing in Theegarten-Pactec’s exceptionally effective BCW3 primary packaging machine, but it also needed a cartoner that could keep up with its high output. Luckily, Theegarten-Pactec had the perfect solution with the BLM, a cartoner developed in-house, and were able to use it for the first time under real conditions in the industry.

“The BLM delivered excellent results in our tests,” said Christian Pötsch, Sales Manager Africa at Theegarten-Pactec. “However, we can never fully simulate all possible situations that may arise, so we were excited to have an opportunity to use the machine for the first time at a customer’s site and run it under real conditions.”

Headquartered in Accra, Universal Investment & Industries has been extremely successful in the service and packaging industry for years. It packages confectionery such as chocolate and biscuits as well as milk powder and bouillon tablets for cooking. The company has a long-standing, successful partnership with German company Theegarten-Pactec, which specializes in packaging machines for small confectionery, food and non-food items.

To be able to also carry out the secondary packaging of the bouillon tablets in-house and very efficiently in the future, it became necessary for Universal Inv. & Ind. to purchase a high-performance machine. Based on previous experience, it was only natural to cooperate with the German packaging machine specialists, who offered the BLM cartoner as the ideal solution and installed it at the end of 2022.

One of the key advantages that led Universal Inv. & Ind. to opt for the BLM was that it provided them with a complete packaging process from a single source. The BLM uses the same operating concept as the BCW3, which ensures ideal communication and control between the machines and considerably reduces any issues at the interfaces, such as product jams. This contributes to an exceptionally efficient process. Also, errors in the application are considerably reduced due to the same, easy-to-understand operating concept. If faults or errors should occur between the primary and secondary packaging machines that they cannot solve themselves, the Universal employees can easily get in touch with a direct contact person at Theegarten-Pactec for a quick fault diagnosis and solution.

The BLM is a modular system that can handle different product sizes, carton dimensions as well as product formations in different output ranges. For example, it packages primary-packed products such as chocolate bars in fold wrap or flow packs, chewing gum in fold wrap, pressed milk powder cubes and non-food items such as stacked dishwasher tabs. At Universal Inv. & Ind. the BLM is currently used for secondary packaging of bouillon tablets. Up to 1,400 products per minute are currently dispensed by the BCW3 and then packed into cartons by the BLM at the same high output. 

“The BLM is perfectly adapted to the connection to the high-performance BCW3 machine,” added Pötsch. “From our experience, we know that it isn’t easy for many companies to find a suitable cartoner that can match the high output range of the initial packaging machine. This limitation often results in the packaging process not being able to run at full capacity, which leads to a reduction in efficiency. With the BLM, small food and non-food products can now be packaged at high speed.”

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