Packaging Strategies recently sat down with Natalie Kaczorowski, Fresh-Lock® Business Development Manager, and Todd Meussling, Fresh-Lock® Senior Manager of Market Development, to discuss the company’s development of the award-winning Costco Kirkland Signature® Ultra Clean Premium Laundry Detergent Pacs. 

Meussling shed light on the benefits of transitioning to flexible packaging as a whole, including some of the key factors that were considered when making the switch. 

“Some brands are hesitant to make a change because rigid is what they know,” explained Meussling. “[A key factor] is that a brand needs to know that they don’t need to go into it holistically. There’s a whole infrastructure and supply chain out there that will support moving into flexible from rigid on a small scale, and that gives the brand the chance to put it in front of the consumer, understand what distribution looks like, understand what quality control looks like, and then they can make a decision whether they want to expand their portfolio further.”

Meussling also stressed the importance collaboration had throughout the process, explaining the intensive team effort that took place to put the new packaging on shelves. 

“Collaboration is key, and from a packaging standpoint, moving into an era of sustainability, that is a message we have to burn in our brains,” added Meussling. “There’s a new set of rules out there, and that is that we can’t expect that we can do it alone or hide from some of the other potential partners in bringing an ultimate package to market.”

To wrap up, Kaczorowski offered some advice for companies looking to embrace flexible packaging.

“One of the key takeaways I would give to listeners and brands would be to understand that prioritizing sustainability no longer has to come with compromising product integrity or consumer convenience.”

Be sure to check out the entire podcast interview below to get the whole story.