When it comes to packaging, PDC Corp. knows how to wrap it up in all areas, from the start of a concept to the end of production.

Norwalk, Conn.-based packaging machinery manufacturer PDC Int’l Corp. has been providing rugged, easy-to-maintain packaging machinery since 1968 for customers worldwide in various industries, including food and beverage. Specializing in shrink-sleeve applications, PDC goes beyond manufacturing to offer contract prototyping, contract sleeving services and consulting on packaging materials and design. On average, the company ships more than 40 machines a year, totaling 3,000 machines worldwide. It also receives half of its business from repeat customers, and is not tied to one material supplier, which allows it to provide customers with unbiased advice.

PDC’s shrink sleeves fit any package, regardless of size or shape, with exact alignment, even if customized machinery is necessary for fitting to an unusual shape. Machine parts are all off-the-shelf, which makes replacement parts easy to find, and most models use a single main drive, which improves the machine’s synchronization and timing. PDC also has a sister company, PDC Europe, located in Montdidier, France, that manufactures a complete line of machinery for applying polysleeve stretch labels, as well.

PDC machines include:

Tamper-evident bandersWith today’s safety-conscious consumers, tamper-evident banding is more necessary than ever, and must be visible.

Shrink-sleeve labelersThe ability of a label to conform to every curve and maximize space for graphics and text at high speeds is desirable both for the end user and the consumer. PDC manufactures a complete and durable line of shrink-sleeve labeling machinery, with a range of speeds and capabilities.

Shrink tunnelsJust as there are several types and grades of shrink material, so there are various types of shrink tunnels. PDC manufactures both steam and electric hot air shrink tunnels. The tunnels offer precise electronic control of steam or hot air. Chambers use digital temperature controllers with thermocouples and special linear valves to minimize steam use. The tunnels self-monitor temperatures to adjust to “thermal loads” of the product flowing through them.

Several models offer multipacking or twin packing, which is used most frequently with bottles or packages of similar dimensions. Automation becomes cost-effective when quantities are relatively large and runs are extended.  F&BP


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