Cloud Packaging Solutions can furnish machinery, engineer lines or perform contract packaging for many types of applications.

For many packaging needs, Cloud is a clear choice.

Cloud Packaging Solutions offers a variety of packaging machinery, contract packaging services, and engineering/integration services to meet many kinds of applications. Cloud can supply fillers, cartoners and other primary and secondary packaging equipment; provide top-notch contract packaging services; and put together custom, turnkey lines, either as part of its own contract packaging service or in the client’s plant.

Cloud specializes in horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machinery for dry bulk goods. Two of the company’s most prominent and successful HFFS models are the ServOriginal and the Performa.

The ServOriginal is a high-performance servo HFFS machine featuring software motion control with SERCOS communications for accurate and precise web and product handling. The fully featured operator panel makes the system easy to use with detailed diagnostics, help screens and an online user’s manual. The newest model is the Ultra ServOriginal, which can achieve outputs of up to 6,000 linear inches per minute.

Performa, Cloud’s newest line, is a continuous-motion HFFS system that effectively meets the requirements of applications that require mid-range speed and volume. This model evolved from Cloud’s high-speed, full-featured, all-servo pouch machines. The newest model in this line is the Performa SP, designed for single-serve sweetener lines. It can fill up to 4,000 single-serve pouches per minute, and can count them with complete accuracy into cartons, even ones that hold up to 1,000 pouches.

Cloud’s expertise extends into secondary packaging equipment. The company’s Cumulus Conveyor System leaves pouches attached in a long web, or “bandoleer,” as they emerge from the filler, sending them on their way to a remote knife to be separated. This acts as an accumulation system that allows the filler to keep running even if problems occur downstream. Cloud’s “festooning” system packs bandoleers into temporary totes, allowing them to be assembled in a variety of ways. For instance, one customer uses a Cloud festooning system to feed a bandoleer of pouches filled with cheese powder into a system that fills other pouches with dry macaroni, then glues a separated cheese pouch to the macaroni pouch.

Cloud’s engineering services can provide project development, project management and systems engineering. The company’s experienced staff will assist in scoping the project, procuring the right equipment and overseeing the installation of the equipment. Cloud has successfully provided line integration services along with the purchase of its equipment for years. It has worked with a significant number of other equipment manufacturers, from upstream product supply systems to downstream secondary packaging equipment.

Cloud also can provide contract packaging at its own facility in suburban Chicago and other locations. Current packaging solutions include pouches, tubes, water soluble capsules and semi-rigid containers. Cloud is able to fill these applications with powders, pieces, liquids and gels. Cloud can establish specialized lines, and even rooms, to its facilities for contract customers whose applications have special needs.

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