Today's case packers provide various takes on the concepts of flexibility, efficiency and space savings.


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With PACK EXPO on the horizon, it is timely to note some advances in a major machinery category for equipment found on most automated packaging lines: case packers. We highlight several new case packing technologies (photo gallery below with Pack Expo booth number) that will be on display at the October 28-31 event in Chicago, along with advice from several machinery managers.

The versatile Swing Machine case packing system

With the ability to pack bags and cartons in stand-up and lay-down configurations on a single machine, the Swing Machine is a horizontal case packer that packs up to 300 bags per minute when using the company’s Smart-Trak™ collation and up to 400 bags per minute when using the Smart-Bin™ collation system. Even higher speeds can be reached with rigid containers.

BluePrint Automation
Booth 4314