Consumer concerns over freshness and sustainability inspire companies to stand up and lead.

Traditional packages are progressing. Even if a package “ain’t broke,” that doesn’t mean it can’t be improved. From resealing an aluminum can to eliminating a bag inside a box, even the most classic concept can be innovated.

This year’s Package of the Year Award winners responded to consumer demands for product freshness and easy dispensing. The winning companies factored in reclosability and responsible material usage, all while maintaining a sustainable focus. It is with this thatFood & Beverage Packagingcongratulates Target and Coca-Cola for their advancements in packaging.

Target's choice of a resealable canister for its Archer Farms cereals not only increased product freshness, but offered strong shelf differentiation.

FOOD: Cereal throws bag out of box

When it comes to cereal, opening the box is the easy part. It’s opening the bag and pouring the contents that can get both tricky and messy, ruining the breakfast experience.

Seeing that this has been a decades-long consumer frustration, Target responded with a custom solution. It partnered with Fuseproject, a design firm, and Sonoco, for its Linearpak shaped rigid paper canisters to streamline the complicated project of packaging Target’s line of Archer Farms brand cereals.

Consumers rejoiced! Not only has this change improved the bag-in-box design, but the Linearpak replaces the two paperboard flaps with a peelable polyethylene-coated foil membrane top, which increases tamper-evidence and freshness. The reclosable, snap-shut polypropylene (PP) overcap helps dispensing and keeps the cereal fresh.

Target benefitted with strong shelf differentiation from the container’s rounded sides and flexo-printed labels. The canister also contains 55% recycled material with 50% post-consumer content.

Breakfast, anyone?

BEVERAGE: Reclosable soda can stores the suds

Keeping a strong stance in the fizz biz, Coca-Cola introduced the reclosable can for Burn, its French energy drink.

To fit the on-the-go appeal of an energy drink, the company chose Ball’s resealable can end, which features an integrated flat plastic opening mechanism. The end, which was a collaboration between Ball Packaging Europe and Antonion Perra, director of Netherlands-based Bound2B B.V., a Dutch subsidiary of 4Sight Innovation, features a plastic opening mechanism that rotates to uncover the can opening and rotates back to reseal. The tamper-evident plastic mechanism maintains traditional look and stackability, and also doesn’t affect aluminum recycling due to its small size.

It was a hit. A campaign posted advertisements for it in the Paris Métro and buses around France, and it was distributed in all French gas station chains and hypermarkets. Sales increased 50% versus non-resealable cans. Consumers even posted their own movies with the cans on YouTube. It eventually won the top prize in the 2008 Cans of the Year Awards.

Clearly, the five years Ball spent designing the can end are paying off.F&BP


Ball Corp.

Bound2B B.V., a subsidiary of 4Sight Innovation




To see a video of the Coca-Cola Burn resealable can in action, check out


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