The Triton is one of the versatile, rugged form-fill-seal machines available from Matrix Packaging Machinery.

Matrix Packaging Machinery, founded in 1988, is one of the packaging industry’s leading supplier of vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) equipment. Matrix specializes in rugged, well-engineered, cost-competitive, easy-to-use packaging systems backed by outstanding customer support.

Matrix engineers are constantly focused on making packaging machines more rugged, versatile and easier to integrate with a range of feeding systems and peripheral equipment. Matrix packaging systems are affordable, contain no proprietary parts, are designed to be simple where possible and sophisticated where appropriate, and are engineered to optimize performance and minimize downtime, giveaway and the pay back time of your investment. They are backed by 150 years of combined experience in VFFS applications.

Matrix products include VFFS systems for virtually any conceivable food application. New products include:

• The Aurora vertical pouching machine, featuring a Double Stack stepper electric Smart Jaw ST sealing system that performs at up to 45 bags per minute. Other features include a MicroLogix programmable logic controller (PLC), with a 10-inch color touchscreen, that also controls temperature, and changeover for film rolls and forming tubes with no tools.

• The Elete Premier VFFS machine, also featuring Double Stack Smart Jaw ST sealing jaws. This all-stainless-steel machine, designed especially for extra-sanitary applications, can run up to 130 bags per minute.

• The Triton XL VFFS system. This features 4-by-4-inch stainless frame construction, with speeds of more than 100 bags per minute possible. Features include a MicroLogix 1500 PLC with 10.4-inch color touchscreen and spare input/output (I/O) ports, configurable by the user, for the PLC.

Designed with quality and simplicity in mind, Matrix Packaging Machinery products are the result of superior engineering and practical thinking. Matrix systems are designed for worry-free operation, and their simple design allows for easy maintenance without costly repairs or downtime.

Parts are accessible on a local basis, making maintenance easy and convenient. Most of the controls are from Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation, a world-leading industrial automation company.

One of the most prominent aspects of Matrix technology is its Smart Jaw components. Smart Jaws use a non-contact position feedback transducer in addition to a linear pneumatic actuator. This gives control of jaw position at any given point in the seal cycle, allowing machine operators to adjust parameters to compensate for almost any variables.

These jaws and other machine parameters are stored in the PLC according to specific job numbers. Using job storage and retrieval, difficult packaging jobs only need to be optimized once.

Matrix has machines in operation throughout the world, handling a range of products in diverse conditions. Matrix combines experience, cutting-edge technology and practical knowledge of the market to provide comprehensive form-fill-solutions for all kinds of food applications.

Matrix Packaging Machinery