Bosch  Packaging Technologypresents the new “Eco|Save|Pack” packaging style; a safe and eco-friendly tray carton for the packaging of fragile products. The package will be produced on the new CUT  120 horizontal cartoning machine. The pack style was created by Bosch in cooperation with carton manufacturerFaller. The goal is to offer the industry a modern secondary packaging system with the flexibility to handle various products which provides a high amount of protection, and is additionally eco-friendly.

The new packaging protects the contents from transport damage caused by impact, falls or pressure due to storage in multi-packs or on pallets. The inlay provides optimal protection due to its chambered design; the product is locked in place, which prevents shifting and mutual contact, thus preventing damage to the product. The reclosable, folded carton and the easy removal of the product from the inlay make the packaging very easy to use.  Additionally, supplements such as usage information in the form of booklets, outserts, or prefolded inserts from a roll or from a sheet, can be inserted into the packaging. Furthermore, syringes, needles and pipettes can be packaged with “Eco|Save|Pack”. The mono-packaging material used for the tray carton makes the usage on plastics obsolete and therefore saves additional process steps and machinery.                                 

The CUT 120 horizontal cartoning machine erects the tray carton, fills and then closes it. Depending upon the project, single, multiple or combination packaging can be processed. The CUT 120 can also be easily retrofitted for new applications. Therefore the machine provides a flexible and future-proof solution for modern, economical and eco-friendly packaging.           

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