The Cobalt 3100 Series Easy Pack systemfrom Cobalt Packaging ( utilizes Moving Tape Head Technology™ to bottom seal corrugated cases and manually pack product.  Pouches, bags, and cartons are collated, counted and neatly organized for easy case packing by the operator.  Customers report quick payback with annual savings up to $70,000 by reducing labor and increasing throughput.

The Cobalt Collator makes packing more efficient and ergonomically friendly over traditional turntable pack-off lines, eliminating repetitive twisting motions and simplifying product pick-up and case packing by the operator.  Case counts are selected on the control panel eliminating counting errors.

Compact, portable, and flexible the system changeover from size to size takes two minutes.

Made in the USA, the system is built to withstand the heavy use of three-shift operations.