The Delta Style Case Packer is a newly engineered case packer with auto-changeover using theBluePrint Automation (BPA)three- and four-axis Delta robot to case pack flexible packages. The new design simplifies the system mechanically, provides a smaller 4′ wide x 8′ high-footprint, and includes a virtually hands-free changeover between different product and case sizes.

The new case packer eliminates fine-tuning that typically takes place after a changeover providing customers with a solution that returns quickly to maximum efficiency after the changeover process is complete. It also eliminates costly change parts (i.e. multiple collation belts, end-effectors and cassettes), maximizes case utilization and packs small bags at 130+ bottles/min.

The standard bag seal checking with optional integrated reusable case erector is ideal for packing fragile products such as bags of chips, other snacks and flexible packages, complex pack patterns and/or high speed picking.

The product is collated into a group using the servo-driven automatic variable pitch conveyor, eliminating the need for multiple sets of collation belts. The product is then picked by the specially designed end-effector using a three and four axis robot.  The robot ensures smooth placement of the product into an intermediary auto-adjustable cassette. Cases are tipped towards the cassette and the entire stack is side-loaded into the secondary container for a vertical (stand-up) presentation.

BluePrint Automation