Custom-made candies shipped factory direct to consumers rely not only on their hard outer shell for protection, but also an innovative packaging structure.AirLiner ensures the candies melt in your mouth-and never in the mail.

Produced by San Diego-basedColdpackusing barrier films fromDanafilms, AirLiner is an inflatable, insulating plastic liner that offers exceptional temperature control and protection from rough handling that delicate food items require.

The key to the AirLiner’s success lies within the multiple layers of film, which form air-filled baffles to insulate a shipment’s contents. The number of baffles is directly related to the structure’s thermal characteristics, and acts as much as a cushion as a temperature control.

According to Danafilms sales manager Steve Crimmin, the film structure reflects heat or cold back into the package. The material also seals very well, which ensures the baffles inflate well and  retain their cushioning and insulating properties.

Coldpack offers dozens of variations on the AirLiner package based on size, application and different degrees of thermal performance. The AirLiner protects the candies from warmer temperatures or from becoming brittle in colder climes as well.