Rondo-Pak ( a leading provider of quality folding cartons to the pharmaceutical, beauty and consumer industries, introduces a shock- and vibration-resistant folding carton. Ideal for steriles or liquids that require extra protection, Rondo Safepack is designed to naturally dissipate vibration. The result is dramatically reduced breakage potential for glass or other contents.

Rondo Safepack features a double-walled construction and auto-actuating cushion flaps on its top and bottom that protect against severe impact and provide higher crush resistance than standard cartons. Efficient and versatile, the solution utilizes an integrated partition that makes it easy to implement on both manual and automated packaging lines. And as it is comprised of 100% recyclable paperboard, Safepack also meets demands for increased eco-friendliness and sustainability.

As such, Safepack is seen as a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic clamshells and foam inserts.

“Rondo Safepack provides manufacturers and contract packagers peace of mind that products will not be damaged in transport, without the extra expense of alternate solutions with similar protective properties,” says Victor Dixon, president & COO of Rondo-Pak. “It is an easy-to-incorporate, easy-to-use solution that exemplifies our commitment to solving packaging problems creatively and cost-effectively.”