Medicine, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, food, electronics, semiconductors, cleanrooms, laboratories – for all of these challenging industrial environments, Stäubli ( offers a complete range of dynamic robots. 

The current Stäubli robot line-up for the show is aimed at all packing technology markets and includes: the NEW FAST PICKER TP80 HE and the TX90XLHE, humid environment robots.  An a true packaging line which include the TX40 - vial handling, TX60-vial plug handling, TX90XL-vision inspection, vial handling, TS40-vial cap handling, and TS60-vial cap handling.

Thanks to their unique design features, the standard robots require relatively minor modifications to convert them for use in sensitive environments.

Stäubli is reaping the benefits of having developed a proprietary patented drive technology for its six-axis robots rather than relying on standard transmission systems bought off the shelf. Thanks to their enclosed structure with all the cables routed internally, the robots are ideally equipped to cope with even the most extreme conditions. And Stäubli has achieved this not only with its smaller robots but also across the large six-axis models right up to the TX200 series.

“The superior design, we can utilize our basic robots and offer a variety of solutions suited to different applications. Where standard robots struggle to keep up, Stäubli robots can handle these types of applications with relative ease,” states Sebastien Schmitt, division manager of Stäubli North America.

Stäubli now offers the world’s widest range of robots in special versions and is the undisputed market leader in this segment. Additional product such as HE, Cleanroom, Super Cleanroom, ESD and Stericlean designate the special versions which deliver the same high level of performance that has come to be expected of the standard models.

The HE splash-proof robot

Stäubli Robotics has systematically extended its range of HE-compatible models. Nearly all six-axis machines as well as the FAST picker TP80 are available as Humid Environment (HE) version, which makes them ideal for use wherever high humidity, water spray or liquid coolants are prevalent. Whether used for water jet cutting, for machining or for industrial parts cleaning, the Stäubli HE models are in all cases the first choice. Likewise in the food industry where stringent hygiene standards apply, Stäubli HE robots represent the ideal solution. They can easily be cleaned with detergents and hosed off with a water jet as part of the daily cleaning routine.

Cleanroom variants for all cleanroom classifications

The encapsulated Stäubli six-axis machines cut a fine figure in cleanroom environments. The standard versions of the TX2 and RX series already conform to cleanroom class ISO 5. The optional Cleanroom variants are identified by the CR suffix, which signifies that they comply with the specification of cleanroom class ISO 4. On request, Stäubli will take cleanroom compatibility to the next level and deliver Super Cleanroom versions that meet the stringent requirements of cleanroom class ISO 2.

Stericlean robots in an aseptic environment

With the development of the world’s first Stericlean robot, Stäubli has succeeded in automating aseptic processes in VHP (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) environments. All six-axis TX robot series are now available in Stericlean versions compliant with strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines. Thanks to their special enclosed design, the use of stainless steel in the manufacture of stressed parts and a unique surface coating, these

sophisticated machines are able to work uninterrupted in aseptic production areas. This has constituted a breakthrough for robot-based automation in germ-free environments.

Protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Stäubli also provides a perfect remedy to electrostatic discharges, a problem which can be particularly disruptive in electronics manufacturing. All six-axis and SCARA kinematics are available as ESD versions offering optimum protection against the sudden discharge of static electricity.

“Stäubli’s clean, consistent performance robots are designed to work equally as well as a standard robot.” Schmitt continues to say, the HE models are just as precise, fast and reliable as our universal machines, delivering outstanding performance under extreme conditions without performance compromise, even when lubricated with food grade oil.”