ACH Foam Technologies ( announces DuraTherm PLUS+™, an advanced cold chain shipping solution that assures payload temperatures remain between 2⁰ to 8⁰ Celsius for a 24-hour delivery window. Validated to International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 7D standards, DuraTherm PLUS+™ is available in summer and winter profiles to accommodate off-the-shelf seasonal packout solutions for pharmaceuticals and other products with acute temperature sensitivity.

“The ISTA’s validation of DuraTherm PLUS+™sets a high benchmark and will provide customers great confidence in their product’s protection during shipment,” says Frank Kiesecker, senior vice president Sales & Marketing with ACH Foam Technologies. ISTA’s rigorous testing assures that product temperatures can be controlled within a very narrow range for up to 24-hours. DuraTherm PLUS+™ is also pre-qualified to ISTA 7E for summer and winter profiles. A key facet of DuraTherm PLUS+™’s ability to maintain near-constant temperatures is the expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam cooler core, which boasts superior insulation properties. ACH Foam Technologies’ laboratory developed packaging kit includes the DuraTherm PLUS+™ cooler, inner payload packaging, gel pack refrigerants, outer corrugated shipping box, and precise packout instructions.

“We’re very excited to bring this to market,” continues Kiesecker. “ACH Foam strives to continually advance the science of expanded polystyrene manufacturing and DuraTherm PLUS+™ represents another significant step forward.”

Available in four different sizes, ACH Foam Technologies will produce DuraTherm PLUS+™ in five of their eight plants across the U.S., allowing for cost-effective shipping to any U.S. location. DuraTherm PLUS+™ joins a long line of other premium EPS products. ACH Foam Technologies manufactures cold chain and protective packaging to architectural insulation and industrial applications.