Sonoco ThermoSafe (, a unit of Sonoco and a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging, has launched one of its most innovative bulk temperature-controlled solutions to optimize air shipments of temperature-sensitive biologics and pharmaceutical products for durations exceeding five days. The new Quarter PMC pallet shipper platform maximizes the space on an LD7 PMC air pallet used in wide-body aircrafts. The platform includes solutions for 2-8°C, 15-25°C and frozen temperature ranges. Each solution has a universal pack-out design to be used in both hot and cold seasons while also accommodating the demands of cross-hemispheric shipments.

“Featuring patent-pending technologies such as our unique interlocking L-shaped panels, this revolutionary design eliminates corner leaks and drastically reduces edge leaks,” says Ben VanderPlas, global product manager, Sonoco ThermoSafe. “In addition, ConvecTECHTM dispersion panels maximize natural convection to eliminate side refrigerants, increasing payload and simplifying packing procedures.”

Russell Grissett, vice president of Sonoco ThermoSafe, says, "The Quarter PMC pallet shipper is a great example of Sonoco ThermoSafe’s continued focus on innovation. Following the Sonoco i6 Innovation Process, the Quarter PMC was one of ThermoSafe’s first products to be developed through our disciplined step-by-step process, which combines insights, ideation and invention. The design of our newest pallet shipper has clearly broken the mold over many existing bulk temperature-controlled solutions available in the market. With industry-leading performance and simplicity in design, we have piqued the interest in users of both passive and active solutions.”

The Quarter PMC Pallet Shipper is designed to Sonoco ThermoSafe's ISC Global ambient temperature profiles with durations in excess of five days. Solutions for 2-8°C, 15-25°C and frozen are available. The product will be available in both U.S. and European facilities. Visit for additional information on temperature-controlled packaging solutions.