With the introduction of the new DualX Technology line of X-ray inspection systems fromAnritsu Industrial Solutions(www.anritsu.com/en-US/home.aspx), food and pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. now have access to an advanced contaminant detection solution.

The DualX Technology, first revealed to the world last year after 10 years of research and development by Anritsu, further advances the detection of metals and significantly advances the detection of lower density contaminants. The system uses two different X-ray energy signals providing the automatic ability to differentiate the product profile from the contaminants, which allows automatic and accurate detection of hidden, low-density contaminants including glass, stones, wire, rock, rubber and bone.

Anritsu continues to be an innovator within the detection arena pushing past the traditional detection technologies through the use of a HD and UltraHD imaging systems as standard.  DualX Technology further extends the lead in detection capabilities providing improved contaminant detection within organic products and ‘busy’ images by effectively separating inorganic material data from organic data. The result is improved contaminant detection performance in certain applications.

For manufacturers looking to utilize this advanced technology, Anritsu products offer simple “Auto Learn” capabilities that allow easy setup and quick ROI. Anritsu DualX is packaged within a highly engineered and durable system solution including a small footprint, no-tool maintenance and overall production line longevity.

“The installation of advanced HD DualX X-ray technology not only improves the overall quality of manufacturers’ products, but effectively saves money over the entire production run with improved accuracy and virtually no false rejects,” says Erik Brainard, president of Anritsu Industrial Solutions USA.